Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Without Context

There is enough clarity here to warrant no more help to bring out what is being said in these fragments. But what more help can make you see what is here? They are stronger when left alone.

To be just is to control your conduct according to justice. You expect people to be just, but you are surprised at particular injustices. Injustice keeps happening in the world, since people are unjust.

I feel this given emotion to show how you hurt me. The reason follows from the event and would be out of place to put other feelings where they do not belong.

Loss of control shows where you once had power to affect an outcome. Now the loss can show what made it possible to have the influence over the persons and places once affected.

What can be said is less relevant than what is said. Those sayings have power over all once put in place.

The world of things is wearisome, but then that is all there is.  And the passage of time makes things less relevant but does not erase the fact that they are cared about.