Thursday, September 4, 2014

Who Killed Homer?

    Hanson and Heath, Classicists from California, co-authored a book called 'Who Killed Homer', which was eventually published in paperback in 2001 by Encounter Books. And before that there was the hard cover version. But the paperback version has additional political intrigue within realm of academia, since these authors were not well received among their peers, due to the pointed rhetoric contained within the paperback book, which you could probably get through the online venders.

And the below outline shows some of the main points within the book:

1. Greek wisdom is not Mediterranean but anti-Mediterranean; Hellenic culture-an idea not predicated on race-is not just different from, but entirely antithetical to any civilization of its own time or space.

2. The demise of Classical learning is both real and quantifiable.

3. Our present generation of Classicists helped to destroy Classical education.

  I feel that there is no way Classical learning will be sustained within the universities of the West, in general, and in America in particular because students do not want to learn these tough languages and the literature that goes along with them. This dismissal of this ancient culture is due to, mainly, the unfamiliarity with the alphas and omegas of the ancient Greek way of writing Why promote an unfamiliar orthography?

  But further than the loss of understand languages, there is a great cultural loss also. While ISIS destroys ancient monuments, the Classicists of this generation have set fire to the manuscripts of the texts that taught a way of thinking that is largely foreign to us because they wanted to keep the loot for themselves, rather than train others to appreciate the Greek contribution to our present crumbling civilization. So if you want to know why education is in a mess right now, I'd suggest this book for your consideration.