Monday, October 15, 2012

The Anxiety of Boredom

There is no use in following after senseless things, but there is a feeling of dread, when one spends time on frivolous things. Along with that feeling is the sense that the time spent is questionable.

It is clear that things that edify should be pursued instead of useless matters, but the feeling of loss is generated by an uncertain mind rather than gotten through detection. That is, the sense that one gets though useless maters is prompted from a confused state rather than the horrible time spent.

A catalogue of all events superfluous would not highlight the matter, since flexibility should be maintained for all interested persons. They will not follow a tight list even if a common thread is found.

What is needed is a motivated mind to combat the madness of melancholy. Provisionally, a plan, even if stubborn, should be followed. The plan gives direction, but the captain gives it speed.

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