Monday, September 14, 2015

Dialogue on Society

Volt: So how do we find our place within society?

Hans: From the fact that we are citizens of a political state, then we could find our place within society.

Volt: But you would not even know that you are a citizen without being told as such.

Hans: The recognition of being a citizen is dependent on actually being a citizen, which is predicated on an already existing political state.

Volt: All right; you receive your citizenship from the state, but what are you in relation to your society?

Hans: I am saying that once we recognize our own political state, then we can be effective members of its society.

Volt: You, sir, don’t know you place within society.

Hans: How could you say that I don't know? I have lived within society all of my life.  Do you have any evidence that I have not lived within society?

Volt: Here is what I mean: once you live among its members, you will find your place.

Hans: But I…But what is my place?

Volt: Your place is to see that its members decide who you are going to be in relation to them.

Hans: But what of my personal dignity?

Volt: They will respect that once you show yourself to be a dignified member among them.

Hans: I guess that I feel that have a lot to learn.

Volt: That’s all for today’s lesson.

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