Saturday, May 28, 2016

Writer's Angst

    The direction that a text takes depends on what came before. What happens when this is reversed? Or not at all considered? It is not direct but then becomes without a way for it to move toward any goal. If the description does not have any place to go, it defies convention.  The flow could be thought as narrative.

    The reasons for how the text behaves are given when its own purpose is uncovered. Diction and syntax become secondary to how everything fits into own scheme. Where the text points to happens when the ‘this’ does not have to be specified. It should be clear enough then for the ‘bridge’ between how things are spoken and how things are represented about which the text only uses to explain its own way of how it behaves.

    So that the fact of explaining happens when these connections become more clear, the text works though how it constructs its own way of framing things. How this is all done is shown by developing the meaning that is found be interpreting its framework. The ’flight’ between text and what it shows then is taken.

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