Monday, August 22, 2016

Prelude to a Review

The text is where one would discover the nature of how things are presented. The presentation is like a mirror reflecting an image, but the reflection need not be just a representation of the world. The inert text can give insight into aesthetic reality such as characters living in a fictional setting. The presentation of different diction and syntax can give a different effect while keeping the same thought though there is an alteration through wording but not of the sense. Even if we speak of ‘text’ and what it says or represents, the style or way of speaking can alter how the event is perceived.

Perhaps the same could be said of all art. And what is there to block this general statement? But what does it do? One could tally all of the possible ways that influence comes from the above consideration, and that would show that influences vary with age and circumstance. Critical opinion could spot how this process happens only to be overturned by new insight. There could be an additional mapping between critical opinion and the texts they study. This consideration is to take not just approaches to the text but a catalog of those who use these literary methods.

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