Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Buying a Portrait of a parking Ticket

The world is a vast wilderness until you find a place where you can sit yourself down to scan the landscape. This landscape is too large to be taken in all at once, so you must pick a spot and sit there for a while before you come up with any idea of what the landscape is.

Within this landscape are groups of people such as young poor persons and the elderly of Japan. We will begin our study of the landscape by separating out these people groups from the landscape as a whole to focus on making observations about certain groups. In other words, we must focus our study on specific groups of people, in order to not be lost in the vast wilderness of events.

Now some groups you can further divide until you drive down to an individual person. This individual person will find their identity within the group they associate with. So our focus is still on people, not persons.

What makes people interesting to study might be their buying and selling of property within the group that they associate with. So if you spend time among lawyers, you will want to work with them, in order to get out of a parking ticket for parking in an handicapped space. This kind of transaction is determined by the profession of the person that you work with.

So the items used within these groups tells you about how they operate. You can find more examples by thinking of the groups of people that you associate with. And by looking at parking tickets, you gain a sense of the landscape through the groups that use those items.

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