Friday, April 26, 2013

Just information Widget man

    Technology and the writing process can conflict with one another. On the one hand you want your writing to stay up to date, but on the other hand, what you usually read does not have the same level of technology as what you are used to. Perhaps, you do not encounter new technology in what you are reading because it is not worth writing about, unless you are a marketer of such products. If you write about such widgets, then you are promoting a product instead of writing about things that matter, which is important for writers.

    If you have a social network that promotes their concerns to their patrons and customers, then you have an economy that is promoting their product for mass consumption. You as a consumer need to know about this issue that we are throwing out, so that you are on the same page as we are. And when you have a grip on what we are up to, then you are an informed consumer of the media that you have been paying close attention to. So the reward of using technology that seemingly is not worth writing about is that which is going on through social media is informing you of what they are promoting.

    This criticism of social media tells you how they promote themselves to inform you of their concerns. So this new technology becomes a personal organization, not a platform for your need to inform your world. As people move closer together, their concerns become more personal, rather than descriptive of the concerns that you might have other than how your friend is doing. So the new technology is described in personal terms, even though it is a medium for communication much like the older technologies. And if the new tech is a person who promotes his wares, his costumers will interact with him as their widget provider.

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