Saturday, April 13, 2013

Fun and Games

     I have received a letter telling me that my methods lead to an undesirable consequence that I did not foresee. The groups that we associate with will have consequences that we cannot anticipate at the time of our association with them. As we interact with our groups, we will find a comfortable place within them at first, but then we are compelled to either lead or follow in our groups. This leading and following drives group interaction.

    I feel somewhat responsible for her unfortunate death. Jamie was found dead in her apartment along with a note explaining how she did not want to have a relationship with Dr. Dave, who I could not get a hold of. He must have gone somewhere, but I do not know where to begin to look. I just tend to my research and can only forewarn you to be careful in the groups that you choose to associate with.

   So this example shows us to be careful with what groups we seek to be with. Some of them are dangerous depending upon your willingness to cater to their demands once you agree to their unwritten laws. These laws can be found, if you decide to interact with them, in their actions. Look for repeated patterns of behavior that suggest something about the group as a whole. Their actions will tell you what the group is like more than their written material that they have available for the public.

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