Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The State of Affairs Here

The last thing posted was about promising a future post about a review. Perhaps, I will review my own intentions and plans for things here now. I did not think that the stuff on Anglish fit the mood here on Privy, so it was taken down. It was too a specific project to be put here. Other possible subjects would be considered but that language project is too far from the course here. In addition to that was the personal nature of some of the posts many months ago (over a year?). That will stop.  I will leave whatever else is here untouched but for the future I would like things to remain nonpersonal.   

Perhaps personal is not the right word. But I mean things like being aware of one’s work here and perhaps other information about me as the contributor here. I have an awareness of the development here on the blog but I do not want to wish to write about that. This is a certain aesthetic appeal for me to restrain myself from writing about that. So even if this post is like that, it does not come close as to what it could be or was. This does not make for vague writing but constrained writing that has some borders that won’t be crossed. So I won’t specifically cite what was written but only stop now.

So this is not to conclude anything but just to make reference as to what was started last year and spread to the discussion of Anglish. Perhaps, as a counterpoint I will focus now on Esperanto. First, there is a difference between how to acquire a knowledge of the language and what are its uses on the other hand. I focused on both aspects when discussing Anglish and don’t wish to resurrect that because I think it did its work and there are other places that discuss that. I could speak about some of the aspects of Esperanto and its culture but I feel that has been covered by others already.

So I won’t focus about language and its use but rather about the contrast between Anglish and Esperanto which seems novel. Anglish is not a settled language whereas Esperanto is. Anglish has nationalistic tendencies whereas Esperanto is international. Esperanto is mostly Latinate whereas Anglish is Germanic. More contrasts can be tallied but I will also point to one similarity: both are constructed languages. More can be drawn from any of these points. So I will have more thoughts latter about something on this topic or subject.  

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